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In addition to its venture investments, Inveo Ventures; It acts as a value bridge by strengthening the bond between the venture & investment ecosystem and portfolios in which current investments are made, as well as the holding and group companies. With the experience, corporate knowledge, economic and strategic know-how support provided by the group, it is aimed to make investments in companies whose market values will reach billions of dollars within the body of GSYO.

Year of Establishment & Headquarters 2022, İstanbul
Year of Entry into Ecosystem 2022
Shareholding Structure
Inveo Yatırım Holding 85%
Gedik Yatırım 15%
Sectors Capital Markets
Countries Türkiye


Investment Focus

  • Technology-based,
  • Having innovative, scalable business models that have a high competitive advantage and develop services based on innovation,
  • Having the ability to both use and create new-generation technologies that trigger transformation with a disruptive effect in the sector,
  • Global growth and at the same time have the potential to receive investment from global investors,
  • Market size, metrics, investment trends in sectors that are growing or have the potential to show,
startups conform to Inveo Ventures' investment focus.

The knowledge and experience of the group in the Inveo Ventures structure; It undertakes the role of 'value bridge' by bringing together technology-based, innovative and scalable business models suitable for investment focus

    • In addition to new venture investments; the formation of a bond between the venture-investment ecosystem and the portfolio startups currently invested in, and the relevant stakeholders in the Inveo ecosystem,
    • Investments in companies with the potential to become 'unicorns' with market values of billions of dollars,
    • Ability to take the right investment decision with a dynamic strategy at the right value by closely following the sector developments and investment trends in different business areas,
    • In addition to the correct and fast decision, studies such as customer, cooperation opportunity identification, in-depth financial-legal and technical analysis, status and evaluation determination are carried out for the stakeholders in the Inveo ecosystem.


Inveo Ventures was established with an initial capital of 65 million TL.

Inveo Yatırım Holding and Inveo Ventures, the last move of the group in the field of 'venture capital', was established with a capital of 65 million TL in order to invest in technology-based startups that will have a disruptive effect in global markets.

Inveo Ventures made its first investment in shared mobility startup HOP. With this investment, HOP expanded its vehicle fleet in Türkiye and moved its field of activity to more than 20 regions in 3 countries.

Expanding abroad, the company started its first operation in Montenegro, a familiar country for Inveo.


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